dot 日本雅虎帐户汇款方式


Pay by Wire Transfer(电汇支付方式)
Wire Instructions(电汇说明)
Please make the payment to the following bank account.
Please be aware that the receiving bank account varies depending on the account.

Receiving bank account for …… Limited
Bank Name みずほコーポレート銀行
Branch 十七号支店
Bank Account Type Savings
Bank Account Number 5189311(每一个账户不同,这个号码会不同的,请根据您的帐户信息对应填写)
Bank Account Holder ヤフー株式会社
Payer Name

Precautions for Wire Transfers
Please make sure that the name used for the transfer matches the registered company name written in kana that is displayed in the "Payer Name" field above.
Furthermore, if the following applies to you, we may not be able to confirm your payments and must ask you to contact us after making your payments.

•If payments are made on the day of application or when a new account is created
•If payments are made with a payer name different from the one displayed in the "Payer Name" field above
Wire Transfer and Balance Update
The amount you pay, minus estimated consumption tax (5%), is added to the account balance.
If you make a payment via wire transfer, it will take approximately 3 business days for the payment to be reflected in the account balance.

Customers Who Wish to Pay by International Wire Transfer
Please contact us for international wire transfer instructions.
Also, make sure to contact us promptly after making your payments.


International Wire Transfers
International wire transfers are processed differently from domestic wire transfers. Please follow the instructions below for international wire transfers.
*When you process your payment on International Wire Transfer, please contact to our Customer Support below to confirm after the transfer.
*It may take more than 3 business days after your call and our confirmation, and until the payment amount is reflected to your account. Also it may take 1 week or more for the payment to be reflected into the desired account.

After Completing the Payments
Furthermore, please contact our customer support center ( 9:00 - 18:00 on weekdays) promptly after you have made your payment with the information below.
[Please contact us with the following information]
•Account ID to have payment reflected upon:
•Account name to have payment reflected upon:
•Bank account number for account to have payment reflected upon:
•The bank account number is different for each account. Please check it from the Campaign Management Tool.
•Date of payment (the day on which the payment was processed):
•Paid amount:
•Name of payer

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